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    We are ready for a great start to the 2018 year!  During our CKLA reading program, students will continue learning letter sounds which will help them read and write words.  Unit 4 of the Listening and Learning strand includes fables, short stories with a moral usually taught by animals!  Each week, sight words will continue to come home to help students build fluency in reading.  During math, we will review shape names and begin building with shapes!  Students will see how simple shapes can combine to form complex shapes!  We will begin journal writing this month!  Students will be encouraged to use "invented spelling", meaning they will write words the way they sound.  In Science, we will revisit Forces in Motion and discuss how things move.  Be on the lookout for the January homework project information!!    

    At home, please have your child read and write daily!  Ask him/her to count and write numerals for you too!  Our goal is to count to 100 and write numerals to 20!  Have fun finding math every day!


    I look forward to watching your children continue to grow!!       

Mrs. Kivett

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