• Hello HPC students, faculty and staff, and any other visitors to my page! I am Mr. Parker, the orchestra and head chorus director for High Point Central! Thank you for visiting my page, and I hope you find what you're looking for from here! As other students have said, "We are not just a class. We are a family!" And through many ups and downs, we are indeed a family.

    Now, we have a unique situation amidst the pandemic. With that said, we are having our classes transition to digital learning. Make sure you log in to check Canvas for assignments. You have due dates with them, but it is helpful. If you have questions, ask via Remind or email: parkerc@gcsnc.com. With that said, check Canvas at least 3 times a day. :)

    HPC Orchestra Website: hpcorchestra.com

    Spring 2021 Schedule

    1st block: Beginning Orchestra

    2nd block: Music History Appreciation

    3rd block: Planning

    4th block: Mixed Chorus


    Tri-M Club will continue this year in 2020-2021 for music students here at HPC! This is specifically for orchestra, chorus, and band students with great academic standing and musicality and musicianship. Please come and see me (Mr. Parker) if you have any questions and are interested in applying. See my email below if you have any questions.

    A Cappella Club will be starting this year as well! Audition forms will be located around the school as well as Mr. Parker's classroom (221A). If you feel you cannot fill one out, here is the link to fill out the form online: https://forms.gle/tvcJgeCHy1F9CARN9

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at parkerc@gcsnc.com. Looking forward to a new school year!



Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Music in Music Education from The University of North Carolina Greensboro Master of Music in Music Education from The Florida State University

Mr. Parker

Mr. Parker graduated from the University of North Carolina Greensboro with a Bachelor's degree in Music Education (K-12) and a Master's degree in Music Education with a focus in Music Therapy (K-12). This is his third year teaching at High Point Central. You'll generally see him walking around the school possibly with an instrument in hand, so keep an eye out for him!

  • Testimonials

    "My experience taking orchestra during the Covid-19 pandemic was a fun experience. At the beginning of the pandemic, I was planning on dropping out of the class but I decided not to as there were benefits from taking it. Playing violin during the pandemic helped distract me from negative things and gave me an option to do productive things such as learning new pieces along with techniques and even composing music. Because the pandemic made me stay home while taking orchestra, I had a lot more time to focus on my violin skills." -M.S.

    "I definitely enjoyed times in class with Mr. Parker--he always made everyone laugh and smile. I learned so much actually and that makes me want to better my voice and myself in music. I kind of do want to do music again. It made me get up and stop being lazy. I hope to see you in person so I can meet one of the best Teachers there ever was! :)" -S.B.

    "To start off, what I enjoyed I had a great time coming and joking with y’all and talking and making you mad! Haha! I also enjoyed the way you teach and didn’t give out a BUNCH of work as these other teachers do. One thing I’ve learned during Covid is how to be on time and I’ve learned hand signs and the letters for them the scales." -K.M.

    "Mr. Parker! Vocal music was amazing this year and I enjoyed my time with you and all of the other students. I'm glad we got to meet each other! you are a great teacher and your teaching process is amazing. Your personality you will always make us smile and laugh and I am grateful for it I hope you will have an amazing rest of the year as I did this semester!" -A.V.

    "I really liked taking music this semester even though it was online. Mr. Parker made it so much fun with his positive attitude and he really shows how much he cares about his students and that he wants them to succeed. We learned about sight-reading, pitch, rhythm, and much more and Mr. Parker made it as easy as possible during online school. I hope I can take his class again next year." -A.K.

    "My experience in vocal music was fun. This class helped me level out my vocals. I learned so many music notes and I am so happy that I was in this class. Another thing I learned was how to be more cheerful in class and to answer the teacher more. Mr. Parker helped me do a lot of things and I am grateful that I learned so much from this class." -D.P.

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