• In Kindergarten, we are focusing on Unit 3 of CKLA Listening and Learning. In this unit, we are reading stories such as Chicken Little and The Three Little Pigs. Our focus is to identify the main character, characters, plot and the sequence of events from the story. Students will orally answer questions about the text and complete a word study from a vocabulary word in the text. Students will complete extension activities sequencing pictures from the text and writing what happened in each part of the story. For CKLA - Skills, students still working on segmenting and blending sounds. Students are also studying vowels and identifying the different sounds that they make. During this time, students are also beginning to work in small groups based on their needs. Some students may be reading phrases independently and illustrating a matching picture. Some students may be chaining words and reading big books together.  In math, students are working on building shapes and using simple shapes to make more complex shapes. This is a unit where students learn to draw 2 dimensional shapes, build 3 dimensional shapes and compare and contrast shapes. Students will also have the opportunity to build a 2D toy and a 3D robot. How fun! In writing, students are working towards writing a sentence using inventive spelling with capitalization and punctuation. 

Paige Willett

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