• AG Schedule: 

    4th Grade AG Math:  Tuesday and Thursday from 10:35-11:20

    4th Grade AG Reading: Monday and Wednesday from 10:35-11:20

    5th Grade AG Math:  Tuesday and Thursday from 1:35-2:20

    5th Grade AG Reading:  Monday and Wednesday from 1:35-2:20


    4th Grade AG Reading:  The Hero Within

    The concept and definition of a hero is developed through an analysis of fiction and non-fiction literature. This analysis includes original creative writing, Paideia seminars, and written reflection.

    4th Grade AG MathMath Quest

    Students are introduced to problem-solving strategies as teams embark on a Math Quest in search of treasure.  Students work both independently and collaboratively to create and solve a variety of challenging word problems.  Along the way, students use and refine team decision-making skills as they encounter obstacles and opportunities.

    5th Grade AG Reading:  The Arts/Wherefore Art They?/Poetry Unit

    The concept and value of creativity and expression are explored through analyzing visual arts, music, theater, and dance. Students research issues connected to society and the arts and develop a service-learning project to address one of these issues.

    5th Grade AG Math:  Beyond Base Ten

    Students investigate place value and number representation as they explore number systems Beyond Base Ten.  Students deepen their understanding of our base ten number system by applying place value concepts to read and write numbers in base 5 and binary.  They also compare place value systems to the non-place value system used in ancient Rome.

    Caesar’s English:  4th and 5th graders will study Latin stems and vocabulary throughout the school year.


Mrs. Woody
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