• The library is open for book checkout each morning from 7:15am - 7:40am. Teachers may choose to send 2 students at a time at their discretion.


    • Students also come to the library with their classes once every two weeks during specials for book checkout. K-2 visits during A week and 3-5 visits during B week.


    • Books are due the next time students have class.


    • Second through Fifth grade students may checkout 2 books per visit providing they have no overdue books. Kindergarten students may check out 1 book per visit, and First grade students may check out 1 book per visit until December, and then 2 books per visit once we return to school in January.

    • If a student loses or damages a book he/she must pay the replacement cost of the book.


    • Students must not share books with friends while they are checked out under his/her library account.  

    • Students who have overdue books or a history of losing library books may choose books to borrow from our Honor Library.
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