• Students also come to the library with their classes weekly during specials for book checkout.


    • Books are due the next time students have class.


    • Kindergarten students check out one book from the book cart and keep books at school for the first quarter.  During the second quarter kindergarten students continue to check out from the cart, and begin taking books home.  During the third quarter students begin checking out books from the shelves.


    • First and second grade students can check out 2 books per visit.  Third thru fifth grade students can check out up to 3 books per visit.


    • If a student loses or damages a book he/she must pay the replacement cost of the book.


    • Students must not share books with friends while they are checked out under his/her library account.  


    • Students who have overdue books or a history of losing library books may choose books to borrow from our Honor Library.
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