Welcome to Ms. DeMercurio's Class

  • Welcome to Ms. DeMercurio's classes! Below you will find my schedule for 2019 - 2020. 


    1st Semester

    1st - Forensic Science 

    2nd - Planning

    3rd - CP Biology

    4th - Honors Biology 

    2nd Semester

    1st- CP Biology 

    2nd - CP Biology 

    3rd - Honors Biology  

    4th - Planning 


    Tutoring hours 

    Tuesday and Thursday 3:45 - 4:45 


    1st Block @ek46ad to 81010 or remind.com/join/ek46ad

    2nd Block @6cbgb84 to 81010 or remind.com/join/6cbgb84

    3rd Block @d7c3a4 to 81010 or remind.com/join/d7c3a4

Ms. DeMercurio
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