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  • IMPORTANT UPDATES March 16, 2020

    • New content and assignments will be available online on Canvas starting Monday, March 23. Make sure you read the announcements and the instructions carefully in each module so you know what is expected of you. You will continue to receive grades on new material.
    • In the meantime:
      • SPANISH 1 - continue to study ALL your vocab (Diccionario, Unit 1 and Unit 2), regular verb conjugation notes, and the irregular verbs "estar" and "ir". You should practice giving directions on the Cuidad de ELE map, as well as telling where things are located on the map using the correct conjugation of "estar". Remember you should still be able to use old vocab to talk about what people are like (physically and personally), what they like and don't like to do, what they are wearing, and their nationality. If you need vocabulary lists, you can find them on the "Spanish 1 Documents" page (click in left menu). 
      • SPANISH AP - continue to practice on the AP Spanish Flashcards (if you have not used this before, make sure you sign up for the free account so that it will save your progress and allow you to make practice quizzes for areas where you need more practice). Also, make sure you are reading to and listening to the news in Spanish from different countries so you are listening to different accents and expanding your vocabulary. Information on AP Classroom assignments will be posted on Canvas once the modules are available to you.
    • Review and makeup assignment information can be found in Canvas in the Module for this week. If you need to review information on using Canvas, please go here:  https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-18585-getting-started-with-canvas-as-a-student 
    • If you are not signed up for Remind for your Spanish class, please make sure you join so you will receive important updates. Text the code below to 81010
      • Spanish 1 Remind Code: @swspa1
      • AP Spanish Remind Code: @swd208
    • If you have missing work from this quarter that you haven't turned in, you may scan it or take a picture, and email it to me. Make sure it is clear enough for me to read if you want the credit. All missing work must be turned in by Friday, March 20 in order to receive credit. My email is jamesdj@gcsnc.com.


    Spring 2020 Schedule

    Block 1 - Planning

    Block 2 - Spanish 1

    Block 3 - Spanish 1

    Block 4 - Spanish AP


    Materials Needed for Class  

    • A binder and loose-leaf paper (to keep handouts and assignments organized)
    • pencils and pens (you will need a pencil and paper every day in my class)
    • a Spanish/English dictionary (The library, used book stores, and Amazon are sources for used dictionaries, but new ones in paperback form are usually under $10 and can be found in book stores, office supply stores, Walmart, Target and Amazon. Get one that is convenient to carry daily. I recommend Larousse or Miriam-Webster pocket dictionaries.)
    • colored pencils or markers (We use these often and you may need them at home to finish an assignment.)
    • *AP Spanish Only - all of the above plus:
      • a composition notebook
      • highlighters of at least 2 different colors


    Tutoring *Please note that after school tutoring will be suspended while schools are closed to students. A new schedule for AP Test practice sessions will be posted once tutoring resumes.

    Spanish 1: Peer and teacher tutoring are readily available by appointment. Please ask Sra. Duran if you need extra help.

    AP Spanish:   AP tutoring sessions are scheduled as follows:

    Conversation Sessions - TUESDAYS from 3:30-4:30 pm

    Conversation Sessions are open to all students who want more practice speaking. We will focus on a different AP test theme each week to increase both vocabulary and cultural perspectives in each theme. Spanish 3 students are welcome to attend our conversation sessions.

    AP Test Practice - WEDNESDAYS from 3:30-4:30 pm

    5 sessions of AP Test practice are required per semester. Students who do not score well on practices in class are expected to attend extra sessions related to the areas they need to work on.

    Make-up Tutoring Sessions - THURSDAYS from 3:30 - 4:30 pm 

    Make-up sessions are for students who were absent and need to make-up timed test practice work they missed in class that cannot be done at home. These sessions are also alternate AP Test Practice days if needed.


  • Vocabulary Lists

    Spanish 1 students who have misplaced their vocabulary lists given out in class may access the lists by clicking on "Spanish 1 Documents" in the main menu. These can be printed for easier access.

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