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    INFO UPDATE:3-16-2020

    My class schedule below. I usually hold afterschool tutorial on Tuesdays by appointment in my classroom.    Please free to email me at kornegj@gcsnc.com with any questions or concerns.

    To access my classes and coursework while students are not allowed to attend school please visit CANVAS by logging into NCEdCloud and click on my class. 


    Welcome, I am looking forward to providing an informative, educational, and enjoyable year for all of my students. You will be learning new information, and new skills that you will find valuable in the Early Childhood Education field of work. As well as one day in your future as a parent.

     In the area of Family and Consumer Science, here at Southwest High School we are offering the following courses this year: Early Childhood Education 1 & Honors 2, Introduction to Child Development and Interior Design.  ECE level one is the prerequisite for Honors level 2.

    Internship for Early Childhood Education: the state curriculum requires that each student/intern participate 50% each in their classroom work and in a community internship at approved ECE sites. Please schedule appointments on Tuesdays or Thursdays as we will be off campus on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Student/interns also receive double credit for the internship and for Service Learning (they must input their hours as demonstrated by our school's X2Vol representative (Mrs. Whitestone).    

    Fall Semester Schedule     

    1st block     Early Childhood Education -1 

    2nd block    Early Childhood Education-1 

    3rd block     Planning

    4th block     Introduction to Child Development


    After School Tutorial is on Tuesdays for both semesters. Students must request to stay in advance.


    Spring Semester Schedule 

    1st block    Early Childhood Ed. -1 

    2nd block   Early Childhood Ed. -1 

    3rd block   Introduction to Child Development

    4th block   Planning


    Parents please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions you have about your child's progress or our curriculum at kornegj@gcsnc.com.   Room C-232


    Needed Supplies for FCS Class:

    Notebook Paper

    Pencils (#2 only)  & Pens (Dk. Blue/Black only)

    Sheet Protectors


    3-Ring Binders  (2 needed for ECE-1)

    1- Flash Drive


    6-8 Glue Sticks

    ICD - students will receive a letter to take home as we approach our Sugar Baby Project for needed supplies. If you would like to know in advance please send me an email and I will forward you the list.

     (Donation of 1 box of tissue for classroom use please)


     Ms. Kornegay reserves the right to make changes to the syllabus and classroom activities as deem necessary for the overall good of the class, without prior notice.


    Ms. Juanita Kornegay, M. Ed., NBCT


    336-819-2970 ext. 1634

    Please call between 2:15 - 3:15 pm

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