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  • Juniors applying for NHS membership in the spring of 2019 should first calculate their current GPA on the GPA Calculator link below (you will need a copy of your current transcript and most recent report card to calculate).  The minimum requirement to apply is a 3.5 unweighted or 4.0 weighted GPA after the first semester of the junior year.  Once calculated, students should bring their transcript, copy of their report card and a copy of the completed GPA calculator to Mrs. Dorrell in the main office.  Once eligibility is verified, you will be instructed to complete the application below.

    Completed applications are due March 8 by 4:00pm to Mrs. Dippel.  Late applications WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  Incomplete applications will not be reviewed by the advisory committee for NHS membership.

    After opening the link, you will need to download the document to complete the required information.  Only complete the green boxes on the GPA Calculator.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

    2018-2019 NHS Officers

    PRESIDENT - Abbie Boone

    VICE-PRESIDENT - Jessica Hardiman

    SECRETARY - Jacob Bryant

    TREASURER - Grace Moeller


    School Affiliation number:  00535754

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