• Welcome to Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Textile Production I & II.  I look forward to exploring the business side of the fashion industry with you as well as introducing you to clothing construction this year.

     Fashion Merchandising is designed for students interested in the fashion industry and the merchandising of fashion. Topics include an overview of the fashion industry, evolution and movement of fashion, career development, merchandising, risk management, promotion, and fashion show production. Skills in research, mathematics, textile chemistry, and technical writing are reinforced in this course.  Marketing simulations, projects, and teamwork, provide many opportunities for application of instructional competencies.

     Apparel & Textile Production I introduces students to clothing production in the areas of preparation for clothing construction, basic clothing construction techniques, consumer decisions, textiles, historical perspectives and design, and career opportunities. Emphasis is placed on students applying these construction and design skills to apparel and home fashion. Art, mathematics, and science are reinforced.

     Apparel & Textile Production II is designed for students to gain a deeper understanding of design principles, engineering, fabrication and global needs of an ever-changing Apparel & Textile industry.  Emphasis is placed on textile design, textile science, product production and entrepreneurial skills in the industry.

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