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    Hi! My name is Marsea Smith and I am THRILLED to be your teacher!  When you are with me, we will be enhancing our reading skills, digging deeper into texts to better our comprehension, and increase our writing abilities.  Reading plays such an important role in our lives because it is a necessary skill to have to be an affective member of society.  Therefore, it is important that we all must read daily for our pleasure and to increase our knowledge. 

    Five (Funny) Reading Facts: 
    1.  Reading can make you a better conversationalist.
    2.  Neighbors will never complain that your book is too loud.
     3. Knowledge by osmosis has not yet been perfected.  You’d better read!
     4. Books have stopped bullets before- reading might save your life.
    5. Dinosaurs didn’t read.  Look what happened to them.


    It’s going to be a fun year full of learning, hard work and new adventures and I can’t wait to see what the year has in store for us. Fourth graders will spend a great amount of time the first days of school learning and practicing many classroom and school procedures and routines.  General Greene Gators are to focus on the 2 CRTE behaviors which are centered on caring, cooperation, respect, trustworthiness, and showing effort.  Two additional goals for you are to develop and utilize good organizational skills.  Second is to grow in independence and responsibility about studying habits and problem solving abilities.  Using your planner will help you to remember deadlines and develop good study habits.  Now, I want to know ALL about you, but first I’m going to tell you a few things about me.


    I was born in Visalia, California and later moved to North Carolina with my mother and siblings.  I am the youngest of four children.  I have two older brothers and an older sister.  I am married to my wonderful husband Joshua Smith and have the two cutest niece, Ana and Emmy.


    I graduated from UNCG and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education.  This is my eighth year teaching at General Greene and I cannot wait to begin another.  My philosophy is that the classroom is a family.  There may be times we may get frustrated but like a family we will support one another.  We will help each other when it is needed and no doubt we will ALL succeed.  I want you all to feel comfortable to approach me anytime for any reason.
My husband and I
  • I am so excited to be a part of this Pilot Program with a one to one ratio of technology!  The students have also enjoyed the ways we are implementing our technology in the classroom.  We cannot wait to do more. 

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