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  • * Show Accountability. * Act Respectfully. * Invest with Integrity. * Live responsibly. *


    In All Areas
    Follow directions from school staff on the first request.
    Use positive language and inside voices.
    Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
    Keep your area clean. Put trash where it belongs.


    On the Bus

    In the Hallways

    In the Cafeteria

    In the Restroom

    In the Commons Areas

    In the Classroom or Media Center

    In the Locker Room

    At Special Events and during Emergencies

    Get to your seat quickly

    Have your planner signed before traveling

    Walk while in the cafeteria

    Take care of school and personal property

    Have your planner signed before traveling

    Be prepared with appropriate materials

    Keep track of your personal belongings

    Remain calm

    Stay in your seat

    Walk quickly to the right of the hallway

    Wait your turn in line

    Mind your own business

    Remain seated in your designated area

    Honor the speaker with your full attention

    Make good use of preparation time

    Stay with your group

    Keep your hands, feet, and other objects inside the bus

    Respect other people's space

    Get everything you need while in line

    Take turns

    Keep doorways and entrances clear


    Be a team player. Encourage others

    Enter and exit safely and appropriately



    Use good table manners. Eat and touch only your own food.

    Flush the toilet




    Honor the speaker with your full attention



    Remain seated during lunch

    Wash your hands