• Welcome to the wonderful world of Spanish! In all Spanish classes, grades 5-8, students will learn an abundance of vocabulary, grammar concepts, and cultural topics relevant to the level of Spanish they are learning. Fifth and sixth grade Spanish classes focus heavily on basic Spanish vocabulary covering topics such as: greetings, numbers, colors, classroom objects, parts of the body, days of the week/months of the year, and weather expressions. In fifth and sixth grade, students will also learn the Spanish-speaking countries, their capital cities, and flags. In seventh and eighth grade, students take a more advanced level of Spanish. While still learning new vocabulary, students also focus on varying grammar components to be able to formulate sentences as well as have and maintain small conversations. At Allen Jap Prep, students who take Spanish in seventh and eighth grade have the opportunity to earn one credit towards high school graduation. Students take half of the Spanish I course in seventh grade and then complete the second half of Spanish I in eighth grade.

Lauren Ackerman, Spanish Teacher