• All EOC and GCFE exams are digital exams. Students are required to bring their fully charged school-issued Chromebook and charger to school each day of testing. If your child has lost or has broken their Chromebook, please notify Annie Harris, Media Specialist as soon as possible.


    The state and district has provided a 10-day testing window for traditional high schools.  The first day of testing is May 26th. Our posted testing schedule is:

    • Friday, May 26th – Biology EOC
    • Tuesday, May 30th – English 2 EOC
    • Wednesday, May 31st – Math 1 & 3 EOCs
    • Thursday, June 1st
      • Period 1
      • Period 2
    • Friday, June 2nd
      • Period 3
      • Period 4
    • Monday, June 5th
      • Period 5
      • Period 6 and Period Zero
    • Make-Up Exam Days
      • Tuesday, June 6th
      • Wednesday, June 7th


    Thursday, June 8th and Friday, June 9th are reserved for students with extenuating circumstances.


    We will not test before or after the 10-day window.


    Requests to alter test dates for state and local exams -  EOCs, GCFEs or POLs within the testing window, will be sent to the district and you will be notified within one to two days of testing.


    EOCs are:

    Biology, English 2, Math 1 and Math 3

    GCFEs are:

    POLs are:

    Courses offered though the Career and Technical Department


    Questions concerning testing should be directed to Sylvia Ray, Testing Coordinator.