• Welcome to Ms. Lovett's Biology Webpage!

    I have updated this website to reflect the moving of our instructional materials to Canvas.  

    (Log onto nc ed cloud as your normally would to view PowerSchool. Canvas is the top left icon.)  Email me if you have issues.

    In general, for both Honors and AP Biology, the instructions for your class will be in a weekly announcement.  Lessons and assignments will be included and linked to each course. 

    I will have "online" office hours (TBD) as we continue to "do school" at home.  We will handle group activities that way.  I'm anticipating using a platform like zoom to do meetings or instruction.  The details will be in daily announcements.

    To handle questions email is the best option.  During the school day, expect an response within the hour and after hours - you'll have a response the next school day.  AP, you can continue to reach me in the group chat.


    Canvas will be great!  See you online!  ~ML

    (updated 3/16/2020)

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