Students will need to access their NCEDCLOUD account online through the website my.ncedcloud.org. Once the student has accessed the account, they will open the CANVAS (red)tab to see all of the classes the student is currently taking. For my class click on H. Math 3 or Honors Pre. Calculus and follow the necessary announcements made in preparation for the assignment that should be completed. You will receive notes and guidelines on how to master each skill for each objective and then a task will need to be completed and submitted through CANVAS to be scored. If at all different for submitting the assignment instructions will be listed before each assignment.

    Please feel free if you have any questions to email at middleb@gcsnc.com.


    Texas Instruments is offering a FREE 6 month license for their TI-84 PC software

    If you do not have a TI-84 at home, then please follow this link: FREE TI-84 Software



    Spring Class Schedule

    1st Block - H. Math 3

    2nd Block - H. Math 3

    3rd Block - H. Pre. Calculus

    4th Block - Planning


    Please see canvas for online assignments and updates. 

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