• Students and Parents:


    Welcome to Murphy's world!

    Looks like we will begin this school year virtual.  And all the people say...


    Though all remote/distance learning will take place through Canvas, allow me to give additional detail.

    Marketing I - MM51

    • Marketing I will be based through Canvas
    • Class attendance is required during ClassroomLive! Streaming.  If unable to make it, watching of the video will help your understanding and grade in this class.  "Winging it" doesn't do as well as one often hopes.  In short, points will be lost due to focus issues and missed emphasis when trying to multitask
    • All assignments will be turned in through Canvas

    CSP/BP 41 will be based in Code.org, but run through Canvas for accountability purposes

    • Spring 2021 class

    APCSP will be based in BJC, but run through Canvas for accountability purposes

    • Fall 2020 and Spring 2021
    • Attendance is required.  Instruction will be as brief as possible to prepare you for the coding ahead.  I expect questions.  I will post Classroom Live! and office hours on Canvas.  We will get to know each other quite well.

    APCSA will be based in Runestone, but run through Canvas for accountability purposes

    • Spring 2021


    So....email me questions.  APCSP, H CSP/BP41, and APCSA have learning curves that take time....be willing to spend that time to obtain mastery.  


    Regardless of the class...it will be a wild ride this year.

    Good luck!


     - Murphy




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Murphy's Marketing Oasis

  • Welcome to Murphy's Marketing Oasis

    Should anything you read on this website or experience in the safety of C-203 (The classroom), contradict your own thoughts, rest assured it is you and the years and years of poor decision making on your part.  Release the dichotomy that is wrecking your life and embrace your inner Murphy.  


    Fall 2020



    Marketing I

    Marketing I

    4th - Murphy's Mad Laboratory [Bwah ah ah ahah]



    Spring 2021





    H CSP I


    If you are in need of tutoring, by appointment through the tennis season.  I am available most mornings beginning at 7:30 am and select afternoons after the season ends. 

    As a rule: Ask before you need it, seek before it is lost.

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