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    Should anything you read on this website or experience in the safety of C-203 (The classroom), contradict your own thoughts, rest assured it is you and the years and years of poor decision making on your part.  Release the dichotomy that is wrecking your life and embrace your inner Murphy.  


    Fall 2019

    1st - AP Computer Science Principles

    2nd - Honors Sports and Entertainment Marketing II

    3rd - AP Computer Science Principles

    4th - Murphy's Mad Laboratory [Bwah ah ah ahah]



    Spring 2020

    1st - Contemplating Life's mysteries in the Nth dimension

    2nd - AP Computer Science Principles

    3rd - Marketing I

    4th - Marketing I


    If you are need of tutoring, by appointment through tennis season.  I am available most mornings beginning 8am and select afternoons after season ends. 

    As a rule: Ask before you need it, seek before it is lost.

Mr and Mrs Murphy
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