• Due to the spread of the coronavirus, GCS will be closed for at least the next two weeks. Starting Monday, I will be giving out daily assignments via Canvas, so be sure to check Canvas regularly and familiarize yourself with it if you have not done so already. Please understand that distance learning via an online platform is new, uncharted territory for me and there may be a bit of a learning curve on my end of things. I'm going to be testing new techniques and strategies to facilitate effective musical instruction. Some of them may work, some of them may not. I ask that you remain patient while I learn the ropes and try to deliver the best instruction I can. Also, please know that no amount of this kind of learning will be able to replace face to face instruction. I look forward to the day that I can see all of you again.

    One more thing, I know this situation is placing a burden on all families and that each of you will be facing different situations at home from food insecurity, to students being forced to care for younger siblings, to illness. If at any point, you find yourself unable to complete your work because you are not getting basic needs met, PLEASE reach out to me and let me know what is going on. Now, more than ever, we must all to do our best to practice flexibility, empathy, and patience.

    Stay strong! We are going to get through this together!

    Joel Wenger

    You can reach me by email at wengerj@gcsnc.com

    Here are the link to my Canvas pages.

    Intermediate Orchestra


    Advanced Orchestra



    My Schedule:

    HS Orchestra- 8:10-9:50

    7th Grade Orchestra A- 10:03-10:48

    7th Grade Orchestra B- 10:51-11:36

    8th Grade Orchestra A- 11:43-12:28

    8th Grade Orchestra B- 12:31-3:01

    6th Grade Orchestra- 2:16-3:50




Mr. Wenger and Family