An "A" logo for Allen Middle School Leadership Team
  • Allen Middle School leadership team will meet the 1st Tuesday of each month. Meetings could be face-to-face or virtual. The Leadership team meets twice a month, monitors school-level student learning data, and guides processes of continuous school improvement. The team maintains a school culture that is friendly, supportive and focused on children's learning. It provides training and guidance for non-certified and support staff so that they understand the school's purpose and their role within that purpose.


    School Based Leadership Team Members:


    • Jordan, Dwayne - Principal
    • Brown, John - Assistant Principal
    • Vega, Jenifer -Assistant Principal
    • Reeves, Cari- Assistant Principal
    • Preston, Stephanie - Counselor
    • Pace, Natasha - Data Manager
    • Miller, Iris - 8th Grade Teacher - Chair
    • Newman, Tyeisha - 6th Grade Teacher
    • Hufschmitt, Debra - 6th Grade Teacher
    • Matthews, Cathy - 7th Grade Teacher
    • Miller, Traci - 7th Grade Teacher
    • Butler, Courtney - Encore Teacher
    • McZeek, Kimberly - 7th/8th Teacher
    • Bruce, Tonia - 7th Grade Teacher




    How to access Indistar?

    Indistar is a state-wide system that Allen and other GCS schools are using as the hub for school improvement activities.  To access Allen’s plan

    Go to

    Click User Login

    Username: guests16340

    Password: guests16340


    This will allow you to view Allen’s plan information, meeting agendas, artifacts, and other items related to school improvement.


    Allen Middle School's 2019 - 2020 Comprehensive Report: