• Welcome to Mr. Boyles 6th Grade Science Class  for 2020-2021


    About me:   I was born and raised in Boise, Idaho...went to the College of Idaho and then joined the U.S. Navy (Surface Warfare Officer).  I retired from the Navy in 1994 and then became a teacher (I went to graduate ed. school at the Univ. of Illinois) I then moved to North Carolina and began teaching in Middle Schools for the Guilford County School System.  I have been at Kernodle Middle School since it first opened in 2000 and have been teaching mostly math and science in mostly grades 6 and 7.  

                      I am married to a nurse (Denise) who works at Cone Pediatrics Clinic, I have two (grown up) children:  My daughter Audrey, a nurse, works at Duke Univ. Hospital in the ER dept. and my son, Glenn, is a doctor who is completing his residency in ob/gyn at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. So all of my immediate family is in medicine.  I have a miniature Dachshund named Mabel and she is 3. 

                      I am pretty good at these three things:  chess (I can beat all 6th and 7th graders and most 8th graders),   Swimming (I can beat you at a 100 yd.Freestyle...but not Butterfly, Backstroke or Breaststroke),  Ping-Pong:  I have not lost a match to a single kid in 21 years at Kernodle Middle School....I have a very tricky serve.

                      I am lousy at all video games: You can probably beat me at any of them. 



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Mr. Boyles and "Woofles"