• ¡Así soy yo!

    My name is Jade Dickerson but all of my students call me Profe. I have been honored to call myself a Whirlie for the past 14 years. I started in 2005 and have taught every level offered here. My wife and I met here as well. We have vibrant, beautiful and creative twin boys. In my spare time I like to go outdoors, workout, play the guitar and read comic books. I look forward to getting to know you better as well! 

    El español

    I fell in love with Spanish when I was a sophomore at Wake Forest-Rolesville High School. Then when I traveled to Spain in the summer after my junior year, I knew that I wanted to pursuit the subject in some capacity over the course of my career. While attending UNC-Greensboro, I spent a year studying in Toledo, Spain. It was there that I realized that SPANISH IS PEOPLE. The language only serves as a conduit to knowing and understanding others. It opened up the possibility of discovering almost all of the people, cultures and countries of the Western Hemisphere. I wanted to spread that love for language and culture to others so I decided to become a teacher. The rest is history. 

    Productos, prácticas y perspectivas

    Culture is everything. You cannot study a language without talking about the culture. So our study of Spanish centers around the wealth of culture in Latin America and Spain. We also establish a healthy, supportive culture in my classroom where social interactions and cooperation are key. I do not want to make Spanish teachers of all of my students. I do not mind if they do not study Spanish beyond my class but I do want my students to leave with a greater awareness of themselves, an appreciation of the diversity surrounding us, an ethic of hard work and persistence and a willingness to be a part of a community.

    This is a skills-based course designed around national and state standards. Grades will look different. Evaluations will not be the same as in other classes. I strive to be completely objective in evaluating your student's skills. Grades will reflect what your student is able to do. I hope that we will work together to understand each other's motivation and to make common goals. 


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