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    To make the curriculum rigorous and relevant for all students; and to provide a balanced curriculum that will examine the relationship of music to other content areas (i.e. English, History, Science, Math & Foreign Language); and the role and meaning of music in various social, cultural, and historical content.   Academically, to empower music students to be able to produce good writing products, no matter the course.  


    My personal goal and passion is to train a generation of students who are 'note readers', rather than 'rote' learners. The goal is to prepare students to be able to look at a piece of music; using all of their fundamental strategies, be able to 'sight sing a simple melody.  If continued, this skill will gradually get better.  Students will then see that they have control and don't have to depend on or take the word of someone else as to what is being sung or played.  They will then have the power to question.   They become independent thinkers / learners.


    Sample Vocabulary

Ms F. Dixon