Ms. Garrison-Parris

Phone: (336) 294-7830 ext.


Degrees and Certifications:

BS Special Education

Ms. Garrison-Parris

Hello, this is my fourth year at Ben L. Smith High School. I am a graduate of USC Upstate with a BS in Special Education - Learning Disabilities. I am the SSD Coordinator for Ben L. Smith and work with 9th - 12th grades. 

My 1st semester schedule is 

1st block Planning 

2nd block Strategic Literacy

3rd block Strategic Literacy

4th block Grammar and Composition


My 2nd semester schedule is

1st block English II

2nd block Planning

3rd block English I

4th block English II


  • Ms. Garrison’s Resource English                                          email:


    Course Overview:

    This course is designed to provide you with an overview of language conventions, literary elements, and genre studies.  We will be reading and analyzing novels, dramas, poetry, non-fiction, and short stories.  We will also focus heavily on grammar, vocabulary, and writing. 



    Your class grade will be made up of the following parts and be graded on the following scale (class work and homework are graded on the check system):


    Tests and Projects (40%)                                90-100 = A

    Home and Class work (25%)                             80-89 = B

    Quizzes (25%)                                                   70-79 = C

    Notebook/Reading Log/                                    60-69 = D

             Writing Portfolio  (10%)                    Below 60 = F


    Classroom Rules:

    • Be Respectful. Treat others as you would like to be treated.  Listen actively, tolerate differing viewpoints, show interest and caring, and practice common courtesy.
    • Be on time. Be in your seat beginning the warm-up activity when the tardy bell rings.
    • Be prepared. Bring what you’ll need for class to class:  book, pen, binder, etc. 
    • Be responsible. Do what you’re supposed to do, admit it when you make a mistake, accept the consequences of your actions gracefully and learn from it…then move on.
    • Follow all school rules. You have a handbook to refer to, but if you’re unsure, ASK.



    1st offense = warning

    2nd offense = reflective assignment

    3rd offense = hall conference

    4th offense = call home and conference with Administrator

    Repeat offenses after the Consequences and call home will result in detention, additional calls home, and/or office referrals.


    Emergencies:  Going to the bathroom, getting a drink of water, and making a phone call do NOT constitute emergencies and should be done on your own time between classes.  If a student feels an emergency truly exists, a pass will be written on a limited basis (1 a week).  No passes may be used in the first or last 20 minutes of class per school rules.


    Absences/Make-up Work:  THE STUDENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR OBTAINING NOTES AND WORK MISSED DUE TO AN ABSENCE.  Please check the absent student binder and pocket chart for missing work.  The student will need to schedule a time to make up any missing tests or quizzes within 3 days of returning to school.  Attend tutoring to make up missed work.


    Late Work:  If a student has a planned absence, please see me beforehand; otherwise, it will be due upon return to school.  Points will be deducted for every day assignments are late.  If answers are discussed and given in class for an assignment, the highest grade you will earn is a 70%.


    Tutorials: After school on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:50 until 5:00 with transportation provided. Please let me know in advance if you are staying for tutorial. Saturday school details TBA. 


    Heading Papers:  At the top of all work turned in there needs to be the following information:  First and last name, date, class and teacher’s name.


    Extra credit:  Yes!  There is extra credit available.


    Help Us to Have a Great School Year by Following Ms. Garrison’s Life Rules:

    1. Never lie, cheat, or steal
    2. Never hurt others physically or verbally
    3. Never treat others as though you are better than them
    4. Show others Understanding, Kindness, Respect, Gratitude, & Helpfulness
    5. Use manners
    6. Clean up after yourself: your messes & mistakes
    7. Always try your best & take advantage of learning opportunities
    8. Be resourceful
    9. Appreciate what you have
    10. Always obey authority (unless you are asked to do something that violates #1-9 on this list)



    Best of Wishes for a Wonderful New Year Together: I Can’t Wait!






    Dear parents or guardians,


    I always want to be sure that parents and guardians receive the information I send home.  Please read the syllabus for my class.  Please sign below to indicate that you received and read the syllabus.  I will give your student extra credit points for bringing back this signed paper.  I also would like to know the best way that you would like me to contact you.  


    You may contact me by calling the school 294-7300 or by emailing me at


    Thank you very much,



    Ms. Sandra Garrison-Parris


    Please cut and return the portion beneath the line to get extra credit points.



    Your Student's Name____________________________________ Period_______


    Parent or Guardian Printed Name_______________________________________


    Parent or Guardian Signature____________________________________________Date___________


    Relationship to the student_____________________


    Best phone number to reach parent/guardian at_____________________________


    Best time of the day to contact you_________________________________


    Best email to reach parent/guardian at____________________________________


    Would you rather I emailed you or telephoned you? ________________________


    Anything you'd like me to know or tips you have for what works well for your student? ___________________________________________________________