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    Class Schedule Spring 2022





    Bell for Students to Proceed to Class



    Warning Bell 


    9:28 AM 

    1st Period 


    9:30 AM

    11:05 AM

    2nd Period & Lunches*


    11:10 AM

    1:10 PM

    3rd Period  


    1:15 PM 

    2:50 PM

    4th Period 


    IB French SL

    IB French HL

    2:55 PM

    4:30 PM




    2nd Period -A Lunch 

    11:25 AM

    11:50 AM

    2nd Period -B Lunch 

    12:05 PM

    12:30 PM

    2nd Period -C Lunch 

    12:45 PM

    1:10 PM



  • Bonjour! 

    Welcome to Madame Duemmel's French page. I'm originally from Ohio, where I received my BA in French and International Studies and my MA in French Translation. I worked as a freelance French translator and interpreter both here in the US and in France before I discovered my love of teaching. This is my fifth year teaching at Ben L. Smith High School, my 22nd year teaching French and my third year teaching IB French. For Spring Semester 2022, I will be working part-time at Smith, and I only teach 4th block IB French. 


    Please contact me at duemmes@gcsnc.com with any questions.