• Hello my name is Daylonda Lee. I teach Biology and IB Biology. For the past 5 years, I have built relationships, engaged and grew kids to become innovative learners. It brings me great joy to impact the lives of students. Science plays a major role in today’s society, and requires the use of critical thinking, problem solving, and cognitive skills to understand the dynamic world around us. To reach this goal, I am exciting about creating a learning environment that will cultivate students to gain insight on ways science influences them and drive them to innovative thinkers. As a science teacher, I strive to be creative with helping 21st century learners’ process information that will improve their ability to understand information. It is my goal to provide opportunities that will allow students to incorporate research- based learning in the classroom in order for higher level thinking to occur. As I continue in education, I would like to gain leadership skills through administration. My philosophy is to help teachers help students.




    Mr.Mack- www.sciencecorner.org

    YouTube - amoeba sisters

    YouTube - Millerbiology


    Ib Biology


Daylonda Lee