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    About Math 4

    GCS launched the Math 4 curriculum 2020-2021.  I was among the first to teach it ! This course most resembled the Advanced Functions & Modeling (AFM) course of the past. 

    In Math 4, you are 1) to expand on your base knowledge of Math 1, 2, & 3, diving deeper into the applications of functions and trigonometry and  2) to develop introductory skills in statistics and probability, including hypothesis testing for predicting outcomes of surveys and experiments.  This course should bring to light how much mathematics serves as an essential tool in advancing science,  art, business, & government policy. 


    About Me

    I am ready for you!  Are you ready for me?

    I have successfully taught a spectrum of 9th through 12th-grade students with a class majority professing lifelong adversity to math to a class majority having a strong interest in STEM careers.  While not all, the majority of my 9 years of teaching have been spent serving students in Title I environments.  My last 6 years of teaching have been right here at Ben L. Smith High.  My experiences have given me a chance to meet the needs of many with 504, English as a second language, and seeing impairment in personal educational plans. 

    As a part of my continual growth, I have enrolled as a National Board Certified Teacher Candidate. This involves taking a series of training sessions to understand what artifacts are needed to show evidence of student learning mastery as a direct result of my instructional strategies.  I appreciate your help in this process.


    About Personalized Instruction & Learning

    I pledge to start at the most basic levels of fundamentals to identify needs for interventions and/or to determine mastery.  I plan to meet each of you as my student where you need help on a personal level. Once gaps in understanding have been identified and closed, I can then take you to the more advanced levels of higher-ordered thinking required as smoothly as possible.

    Now that I have had 1 full year of virtual teaching, I have made tremendous growth in using instructional digital platforms.  Nonetheless, I have much more learning to do in the area, and I am ready to try many new things.  With out  a doubt, I am bound to make my share of mistakes.  For this reason, I ask that you please be patient with me as I desire to do for you, so that we can both learn to help each other to adapt and flourish with blended learning experiences! 


    About Us

    Regardless of the venue, continuous and consistent effort is going to be key.  Your participation and feedback are essential for me to best help you as my student.  Your classmates are valuable resources.  Parents,  guardians, or concerned significant others - I need you too.  Everyone needs a little encouragement, and all can serve to advise on ways that you observe to be most effective.  Thank you for your support in this teaching and learning process. Working together will yield success that makes us all beam with joy! 


    About Careers

    Aside from helping you with your immediate academic learning needs, I would love to serve as a resource for your career development.  The University of Virginia, the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Middle Tennessee State University, University of Memphis, North Carolina Agricultural & State Technical Univerisity, North Carolina State University, and Guilford Technical Community College are post-secondary educational programs to which I may offer the most advice.  Education and engineering are the subjects that I know the most but can respond to art & design, business, and politics. Collegiate athletics is something I can address.  I can speak to the value of apprenticeship, internships,  coop programs, and entrepreneurship too.   In addition, I know many others in different science fields, business, or law to which I can seek answers on your behalf.  When the time is right, just let me know you are ready to talk.






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