• About Mrs. Powers

    This is my 12th year at Smith High School. I have been teaching in the IB program for eleven years, and am entering my fifth year as AP/IB Coordinator. I teach IB Theory of Knowledge I (11th Grade) and IB Psychology HL (12th Grade). This year I also supervise the IB leadership Development Block. I am excited to be a part of education here at Smith!

    I am originally from Moore County NC but have lived in Greensboro since 2005. I am married and we have two small children, Emmett and Theo. I also serve as an assistant coach to the Swim team here at smith - any interested students, see me!

     Info for Parents and Students:

    For IB Students, course information, deadlines, assignments, and units are all located on Managebac, an IB-sponsored website that allows a platform for online class spaces and course organization. I will keep up to date course information here. For incoming 11th graders, I hold sessions on logging into this space in our first week of history class. The log in link is on this homepage

    For IB Parents: there IS a way to add you as a parent on Managebac if you would like to see your child's classes, assignments, and upcoming deadlines or events within classes. Please let me know if you would be interested in a Managebac account. 

    All course information for the 2021-2022 school year is also on Canvas - my students should be able to see all upcoming school assignments and materials BOTH on Canvas and on Managebac.

    Teaching Schedule: I teach each of my courses at the following times.

    • Leadership Development: 2nd Block (11:10-1:10) on A Days
    • Theory of Knowledge I: 3rd Block (1:15-2:50) on B Days
    • Psychology HL: 4th Block (2:55-4:30) on B Days

    Contact me:

    • powersm@gcsnc.com OR
    • mcswaim@benlsmithhs.com
Ms. Powers