Welcome to Language Arts!





    In Language Arts this year, students can expect to analyze both short stories and novels for aspects such as plot, character, and literary devices. We will also look at how authors purposely create theme (as well as other effects) in a text. Additionally, students will compose their own writing and research throughout the year. Students will strengthen their grasp of grammar and vocabulary as well. I've always loved Language Arts and wanted to be a teacher. I count myself lucky that every year I get to share the subject and its content with students.

    Please let me know of any questions. You may reach me at 336-545-3717 or herronr@gcsnc.com. Let’s make this the best school year yet!       


    Rebecca Herron

    6th grade Language Arts


    Classroom Expectations

    *Be prepared for class (assignments, laptop, paper, and pencil)

    *Follow directions

    *Be respectful of yourself, others, and school property

    *Raise your hand to be recognized


    Homework and Assignments

    Homework assignments are written on the board, and students are expected to record assignments in their planners.

    Students are responsible for getting the assignments they missed when absent.



    Students needing extra help may attend tutoring in my classroom at 7:50am Wednesday mornings.

    *Students should see me prior to tutoring to receive a morning hall pass.



    Class work/Homework  50%

    Projects/Tests               30%

    Quizzes                        20%