• "Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought."   - John F. Kennedy

    Welcome back!!! This year we will celebrate the Class of 2022!! 

    I hope you're ready to get the 2021-2022 school year started!!!! In these uncharted times my hopes are that I can help you become independent thinkers and to seek out your own truths. I began teaching in 2003, the year many of you were born.  I was born in New Jersey and I went to both Georgian Court University and Rutgers College.  I have a Bachelor's in History and Education with a minor in Special Education. This is my 6th year at Smith!!!!! I am happy to be in the Eagles Nest and hope you are too.  This semester lets work together to finish strong and make it a successful year for us both! Your success is my success and joy.  I'll push you because "I believe in you" but you will not be alone.  I am here to serve you and together we can finish strong and reach your goals. I've had the privilege of staying in contact with many of my former students and I absolutely "love" seeing their success.  I'm glad we are back in the classroom because I feel I bond well with my students and I have greatly miss you all.  I believe teaching and learning from you have kept me young and I value that. If we should return to virtual let's keep the same drive and commitment we would have practiced if you were in the classroom. Let me motivate you! It's what I am good at. 
    Email: willisd@gcsnc.com

  • Advisory Time - Please email for appointment. (available for calls, conferences, email / canvas messages) 

          4:30 - 5:00 

    1st Block CP Psychology 

         9:30 - 11:05 

    2nd Block IB Psychology 

         11:10 - 1:10 

    3rd Block - Planning Period 

         1:15 - 2:50

    4th Block - CP Psychology 

         2:55 - 4:30 

    Evening Hours: I will be flexible for those that need my assistance after the normal hours of school.  The best way to reach me is via Canvas messaging or email. I can and WILL hold evening conferences either one-on-one or in groups for those that need me.