• Salvete, omnes!  Welcome to Latin!  Mihi nomen est Magistra Kunka and I teach Latin Grimsley.  I teach Latin I, III, III, and AP.  Mrs. Farber, the Latin teacher who travels between Grimsley and Kiser, teaches levels I and IB.  I started taking Latin in the first grade when a very sweet retired Latin teacher volunteered her time with my class once per week.  She volunteered with my class through the fifth grade.  Amazingly, my 4th grade class put on a production of the Odyssey and my 5th grade class production was the Aeneid.  I played the sea monster, Scylla, and Dido's sister, Anna.  As you can see, I developed my love of Latin and the classical world early!

    Here is my teaching schedule for the 2021-2022 school year:

    1st Period: Latin II

    2nd Period: Latin II

    3rd Period: Latin III

    4th Period: Planning

    5th Period: Latin I

    6th Period: AP Latin


    Click for your Syllabus!

    Latin I  

    Latin II

    Latin III


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