• EBOB NEXT GOAL: Read, test and pass (70%+)the AR test on a 3rd BOB book  We will meet by grade level groups next week. 5th grade Wed during wide reading,4th grade on Friday during wide reading.  Please write questions on the books you are reading.


     BOB book list 2023-2024:. Stop by the media center for the list and some books. 

    Amari and the Night Brothers B.B. Alston

    Where the Watermelons Grow Cindy Baldwin

    Root Magic Eden Royce

    Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library Chris Grabenstein

    The Elephant in the Room Holly Goldberg Sloan

    Horizon Scott Westerfeld

    Walls Within Walls Maureen Sherry

    The Total Eclipse of Nestor Lopez Adrianna Cuevas

    Wish Barbara O’Connor

    Pax Sara Pennypacker

    The Hero Two Doors Down Sharon Robinson

    Wildfire Rodman Philbrick

    The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl Stacy McAnulty

    Not If I Can Help It Carolyn Mackler

    The Very, Very Far North Dan Bar-el