• Name: Lilly Ketchum
    Subject: 8th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies 
    Contact info: ketchul@gcsnc.com
    Welcome KMS Cougars!
    Get ready for a year immersed in reading, writing, and critical analysis! My goal for this school year is to introduce my students to a love of reading, writing and a passion for historical truth. Each of us is the author of our own life story, and it is important that students live their lives in a manner they wish to be remembered for. Everyone is an author, whether he/she writes in a journal, makes lists, writes a blog, tweets, posts on Instagram or is a fan of making lists. We are authors and we are recording what is happening in the world around us every day. In my class I want to take the skills that my students already possess and further develop them into talented authors and historians of their generation. 
    This is my 3rd year teaching at KMS, and my 7th year in my teaching career. I look forward to working and learning with our KMS Cougar Scholars!
    Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.  
    Happy Learning,
       Ms. Ketchum