• Hello Families!

       Welcome to the  school year!   I am Ms. Swanson, your Language Arts Teacher, and I wanted to introduce myself.  I have been teaching middle school for 28 years, with 23 of those years spent in 7th grade.  I grew up on Long Island and graduated from Purdue University.  I have 3  kids who were all KMS Cougars.  I love to watch sports, particularly lacrosse and golf, but most of all- FOOTBALL!  I am a lifetime Giants’ fan and may be just a little obsessed!  I am an avid reader!

     I am looking forward to all of the great things we do in 7th grade- especially the short stories and novels.  We do have a lot of ground to cover this year, so it will be important that you keep a schedule or planner of some kind to help you stay organized.  Assignments will be posted daily in Canvas.  My goal for 7th grade is for students to improve on all of their foundational skills- reading, writing, speaking, self-reliance and intrinsic motivation.  It is important to me to work with families to grow good citizens!

    All assignments are graded out of 100 points unless otherwise indicated.  Grades will be posted on Canvas weekly. Please make it a habit to check grades weekly for missing work so that you do not fall behind.

    My expectations for my students:

    • Be respectful of others and demonstrate the Cougar Core Values.
    • Come to class prepared with composition notebook, planner, and all assignments for class.
    • Turn in homework, assignments, and projects on time.
    • Arrive at class on time.
    • Adhere to classroom expectations and procedures.
    • Do your best- the only way to improve is to try.
    • Engage as part of the classroom learning environment in a positive and constructive way.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out.  We are all working together toward the same goal- a positive and successful year!  Please email me at swansos2@gcsnc.com or call me at school at (336) 545-3717.

    Please use Canvas for all course materials.