A Leadership Team meets once each month, monitors school-level student learning data and guides processes of continuous school improvement. The Leadership Team maintains a school culture that is friendly, supportive, and focused on children’s learning. The Leadership Team provides training and guidance for non-certified and support staff so they understand the school’s purpose and their role in it, greet visitors cordially, and interact positively with students.


    When do we meet





    The School Leadership Team will  meet the 1st Tuesday of each month. 


    Sept. 4th Oct. 2nd
    Nov. 6th Dec. 4th
    Jan. 8th Feb. 5th
    Mar 5th Apr. 2nd
    May 7th Jun. 4th



    Team members


     Principal / K. Brown                 brownk9@gcsnc.com

      AP  7th grade/ Y. Owens                  owensy@gcsnc.com            

    AP 8th grade /  D. Freeman      freemad@gcsnc.com



    Jorma Commazzi 7th Grade Teacher Comazzj@gcsnc.com
    Tracy Gardner-Simpson  Curriculum Facilitator Simpsot@gcsnc.com
    Andra Grundman Media Center Specialist grundma@gcsnc.com
      8th Grade Teacher lightnl@gcsnc.com
    Dawn Lineberry 6th Grade Teacher linebed@gcsnc.com
    Deanna Odom Counselor odomd@gcsnc.com
      Encore /Band Teacher parnelj@gcsnc.com
    Tiffany Phifer Exceptional Children Math Teacher


    Abigail Blake Parent for SBLT  








    Indistar is a state-wide system that Jackson and other GCS schools are using as the hub for school improvement activities.  To access Jackson’s plan



            Username: GuestS15381
            Password: GuestS15381
    This will allow you to view Jackson’s plan information, meeting agendas, artifacts, and other items related to school improvement.