• Disclaimer:  The policies and procedures below may be effected due to health protocols due to Covid 19.



    When your child is absent, a written note must be sent to the school office within three days of the student's return to school. This information is specifically stated in the GCS Student Handbook (pages 81-82) and on our Summerfield Viking folder as noted below:


    "ALL ABSENCES require a WRITTEN note from the parent/guardian explaining the absence(s). A WRITTEN note should be sent to school within 3 days of the student’s return to school. Failure to submit such notes within 3 school days after returning to school will result in an UNLAWFUL UNEXCUSED ABSENCE. All anticipated periods of absence should be reported to school officials PRIOR to the student’s period of absence. Such absences should receive PRIOR approval by school officials."


    Students who are absent less than four consecutive days will be given their missed assignments upon their return to school.  Extra time will be given to them to make up these assignments.   If a student misses more than three consecutive days, parents may request the missed assignments from the teacher. 




    Students must be in their seats at 7:25 AM or they are counted as tardy. 




    Please call the office if you have questions.