• We have several interesting Clubs and Activites to choose from.

  • Battle of the Books

    Battle of the Books is a program in which a team of twelve 4th and 5th grade students read a series of pre-selected books and participate in a team competition to answer questions about the books. Summerfield's Battle of the Books team competes against teams from other Guilford Country elementary schools in a day-long event that takes place in February or March.  For more detailed information on this program, please visit the Media Center Group Page by clicking here: .

    Battle of the Books is sponsored by Mrs. Rod and Mrs. Trent..

  • Media Center Student Helpers

    Fifth grade students can apply to be a Media Center helper.  This typically runs quarterly and takes place from 7:00 am to 7:25 am each morning during Early Morning Checkout Time.  Duties include preparing books to be shelved, straightening books on shelves and making sure books are in good order, helping students find books and helping with the check-in process.  

    Any questions, please ask Meredith Rodrigues.


  • Safety Patrol

    Students on Safety Patrol are 5th graders that assist with safe movement around the campus during student arrival in the morning.  Students monitor hallways/sidewalks around the campus and assist with the morning car rider line.

    For additional information on Safety Patrol, please contact the program sponsor, Mr. Devin Floyd.

  • School Garden

    Our goal at Summerfield is to support a three-season garden for students to tend, examine and use for life lessons. Students from classes at different grade levels have the opportunity to plant, water, weed, compost or observe nature in the garden.  Some special activities using our garden include:

    • Butterfly and Ladybug releases
    • Nature Watch
    • Plant Lifecycle and Seed Saving lessons
    • Produce donation
    • Spring Salad Garden
    • Sweet Potato Pull
    • Pass the Pail composting
    • Vermicomposting
    • Healthy Vikings Taste Testing

    Our school garden is sponsored by Summerfield PTA and is managed by Dr. Lisa Thomas and Dr. Julie Cooper.

  • StageLights Drama

    Stagelights lessons are age appropriate and centered on fun.  Students explore elements of the dramatic arts including characterization, improv, creative movement, puppetry, vocal technique, comedic timing, personal confidence and more!  Contact stagelightstheater.com for more information.

  • Student Council

    Early in the school year, teachers and students identify representatives for every classroom in 1st through 3rd grade.  Students in 4th and 5th grades hold campaigns and elections for the position of Secretary, Vice-Chairperson and Chairperson (Chairperson is a 5th grade position only).  Members of the student council assist with a number of service projects and spring fun days each year.

    For additional information, please contact the Student Council sponsor, Mr. Devin Floyd.