The EC Department works collaboratively with our regular education staff to meet the needs of children with disabilities in kindergarten through fifth grade.  Services are delivered by pullout (resource) or the inclusion model. There are two full-time resource teachers and one full-time speech/language pathologist.  We also have itinerant teachers for occupational therapy, physical therapy, adapted PE, visually impaired and hearing impaired.


    All students that qualify for any of these services have an IEP (Individual Education Program) which is written exclusively to address individual strengths and areas of concern.  IEPs are closely monitored by your child's case manager and can be modified by the IEP team by holding a meeting.


    Please contact your child's case manager or service provided if you have any questions or concerns.


    Wendy Bradshaw, Speech Language Pathologist, bradshw2@gcsnc.com

    Mary Beth Horan, Occupation Therapist  horanm2@gcsnc.com

    Jane Ford, Physical Therapist, fordj@gcsnc.com

    Lauren Allen, School Psychologist, allenl@gcsnc.com

    Laura Sams, Adapted PE, mabel@gcsnc.com

    Cecelia Cobb, EC Program Administrator, cobbg2@gcsnc.com

Diverse group of children
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