• Accelerated Reader (AR) is a program designed to bolster reading comprehension skills for students in the second through fifth grades. At Brooks students use a Web-based version of AR, a gift from our generous PTA. To encourage students to meet their yearly reading goals, the PTA also provides quarterly and yearly incentives:
    • Quarterly stores where students can spend their points on fun items;
    • End-of-the-year Party for all students who meet their reading goals; and
    • Annual AR Field Trip to Barnes and Noble!

    Here are some great resources for parents to help their children meet their goals:

    •  To see if a book is AR, please visit arbookfind.com.
    •  To see your student's AR record for the year, please refer to the Renaissance Home Connect letter sent home at the beginning of the school year.  Follow this link to access your child's account using his/her AR user name and password:    Students cannot take AR tests at home.
    • To practice answering AR-style questions, visit bookadventure.com.

     AR helps students develop the habit of reading and ultimately the love of reading! Students have wide reading blocks each day where they are able to select, read, and test on AR books. Teachers, interns and other staff support students in reaching their goals. There is a tiered system of goals based on independent reading level and each child's needs are considered in setting and attaining goals. 

    3rd Quarter AR incentive: AR Vending machine on April 6, points are due by March 29

AR store