• Need a new idea of jumpstarting your child's reading?  Try an eBook!  GCS students have free access to hundreds of eBooks.  Follow these simple steps to starting reading today:


    1)  Follow this link to reach the Books Destiny Library Catalog:  https://search.follettsoftware.com/metasearch/ui/1883

         2)  Once there, click on Login.

         3)  For user name, enter your student's school identification number, or their lunch number.

         4)  For password, enter your child's birthdate.  Please use eight numbers for the password, MMDDYYYY. For example, if your child's birthday is May 5, 2004, please enter 05052004. 


    5) Scroll down to eBooks and search away! 


    If you have any questions, please contact Ms. McEnally (Ms. Mack) at mcenalm@gcsnc.com 

    Here's a helpful flyer from GCS if you need further help:

    GCS Reads On-the-Go: eBook Login Instructions