Mrs. Kendra Nanton

Mrs. Nanton
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  • Hello vikings! Welcome to Technology Class.  My name is Kendra Nanton and I teach technology education to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.  I have been a teacher at NWMS for 12 years. I have enjoyed working with technology since I was a child, and I am very excited to pass my excitement for technology on to others. 

    This course offers middle school students a unique opportunity to learn more about why technology is so important to our everyday lives. In addition to learning how technology satisfies our needs and wants. you will have numerous opportunities to apply the engineering design method to solve your own real-life problems by designing and making your own products.

    Students develop an understanding of the progression and scope of technology through exploratory experiences. In group and individual activities, students experience ways in which technological knowledge and processes contribute to effective design and solutions to technological problems. Students participate in design activities to understand how criteria, constraints, and processes affect designs. Brainstorming, visualizing, modeling, constructing, testing, and refining designs provide firsthand opportunities for students to understand the uses and impacts of innovations. Students develop skills in communicating design information and reporting results. This course is a cornerstone for a middle school technology education program.

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