• Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year!

    Parents and Students:

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    School Supply List for Social Studies

    Students will be using a composition notebook through the entire year. Make sure the notebook is 100 pages or they will need a second one.

    Spiral notebooks are usually not durable notebooks.  A sewn composition book is the best choice. Please label the notebook, scissors and other items with their first and last names.

    Please do not give all the supplies purchased to your child.  Many of them carry 3 to 4 reams of paper in their backpack throughout the year; no joke!  Their backpacks are heavy because they are carrying extra supplies that are not needed!  

    Binders are NOT recommended due to the metal detectors.  A composition notebook, pocket folders and a pencil bag will suffice.

    Most core classes will use a notebook or folder, so please come up with a color connection to organize your child.  This way, you can color code folders for papers and notebooks, which will be recognizable by the same color.  An example:

    BLUE for Social Studies (think oceans on the globe)

    RED for Math ( Working on negative numbers this year)

    Yellow for ELA  (Reading "glows" your knowledge)

    GREEN for Science (Photosynthesis)

    PURPLE &/or Orange for Electives ("Fun" classes)

    White or BLACK for Items to be given to parents 


    1. Sewn Composition Notebook

    2. Pair of Scissors (to be used in all classes)

    3. Glue Sticks (about 2 per month to be used in all classes)

    4. Folders with pockets, plastic are more durable (You can either do one per class or combine 2 classes into one folder)

    5. Pencils

    6. Colored Pencils for Maps

    7. Hand Held Pencil Sharpener for those colored pencils

    8. Ink Pens-Variety of Colors for notebook (Markers and Sharpies bleed through)

    9.  Planner- We strongly encourage the use of a planner.  6 classes a day with multiple activities can create quite a workload if you are absent or distracted.  It is difficult to keep up with what still needs attention if you are relying on your developing brain to remember everything.  However, a planner only works if you establish the expectation at home and make plans to monitor the use.  

    10.  Last year, we ran out of tissues and paper towels, as well as motivation treats early.  Any donations would be greatly appreciated!


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