• Welcome to Mrs. Sharp's new web page.  I will be updating and changing this page often!

    I am currently starting my 20 th year of teaching and my 7th at NWMS. I have taught all of my years in North Carolina-specifically in Alamance & Guilford Counties. I graduated from Elon College (yes, I know it is now University) as I was a member of the last Fighting Christian class!  My degree is in Middle School math and social studies but have not taught Math in the last 6 years (I don't miss it!). I am also certified to teach Gifted Learners as well as exceptional children through the Literacy First program. 

    7th grade social studies is all about World History from the end of the Middle Ages to Modern Day-we cover a WHOLE lot of content in a TINY school year! We focus on covering the "big picture" so when our students get to 10th grade they can say with confidence - "hey, I know this already!". As a grade level, we like to focus on collaborative instruction and service learning. We know that we are helping our students be ready for career and college-in social studies we try and focus on team work, organization, time management skills, and leadership development. Service Learning is a key component to our instructional focus  and we are PROUD of our students successes!

    I serve as the STUCO advisor, the Character Education School Coordinator, the Kindness Team Co-Captain, and the Social Studies Department Chair. 

    A special THANK YOU to the 2017-2018 Staff for voting me to be the Northwest Middle School Teacher of the year. When I first read the e mail sent with the nominations, I was humbled and thankful that someone on this staff would write such a nice paragraph about me-I still don’t know who did but thank you. When I read the other nominations, I was honored to be on the same page as such amazing educators like Burns, Sasser, & Kosterman. When I was listed on “the quietest ballot” in the history of teacher of the year at NWMS with a teacher as talented as Jolly, I was exceptionally proud…BUT it is every day that I come to work with ALL the people here at Northwest that I able to live my “WHY”, which is a modified version of the great Jimmy V’s advice (shout out to all those State fans). Simply put, it IS my goal each day to laugh, learn, and be moved to tears. Every single person on this staff has helped me accomplish this goal in one way or another. Most often, it is learning from the experience and expertise each of you bring to the table-we really have the most accomplished staff in the county. For many of you, it is helping me accomplish the second, laughter-truly one of God’s greatest gifts and the simplest way to brighten the day. Finally, in the last 5 ½ years that I have been a Viking, I have been moved to tears; sharing ups and downs, but more often than not, tears of laughter, or over whelming sense of pride and joy. So, a simple thank you is just not good enough for such an amazing group of people who allow me to represent them as teacher of the year. I am honored and blessed to be a part of this Viking family. Please accept this as the best I can do to express my gratitude and again thank you!