The School Leadership Team (SLT) meets monthly to assist the school with writing and monitoring the School Improvement Plan.  School Leadership Team meetings are open.  Members of the school family may attend these meetings as observers (without notice) and as participants (with notice).  Currently, Leadership Team meetings are held remotely at 3 PM on the scheduled dates.


    We are now using IndiStar as location to share our leadership team minutes and show the progress we're making in our school improvement plan goals.  If you would like to access this site, please use the following login information:

    Guest Login - GuestS16365
    Password - GuestS16365

    Leadership Team Members 2020-2021

    Patrice Brown - Principal

    Chase Arrington - Assistant Principal

    Christian Walter - Assistant Principal

    Jill McClanahan - Curriculum Facilitator

    Justin Thomas - Co-Lighthouse Chair

    Sharlencia O'Neal - 8th Grade Rep

    Christian Tremble - 7th Grade Rep

    Staci Benoy - 6th Grade Rep

    Lindsey Fowler - Encore Rep

    Aislynn Denny - Media Specialist

    Arlene Sims - Support Staff Rep

    Zalonda Purcell - EC Rep

    Kelley Hill - Classified Staff Rep.

    Natalie Castro-Cortes - 8th Grade Parent Rep

    Richard Dailey - 7th Grade Parent Rep

    Stacy Masters - 6th Grade Parent Rep

    TBD - PTA President

    Pepe Mesa - Community Partner


    The 2020-2021 Leadership-Lighthouse Team By-Laws can be found here.

Leadership Team Meeting Dates