• Greetings from the Shadybrook Elementary Music Department!

    My name is Pamela Beth Walker and this is my first year at Shadybrook, however, this is my twenty-fourth year of teaching!

    I have taught in both public and private Christian schools over those years. I knew I wanted to become a teacher when I was in early elementary school. I always loved the idea of teaching and my mother was also a teacher. I have taught a plethora of subjects from Spanish, middle school and high school English, creative writing, elementary, middle school and high school music to elementary self-contained classrooms of first, second and third graders. I've taught students from as young as three years old to high school seniors. I have had the opportunity to take students to state-wide music competitions as well as put together programs and concerts for the public. I enjoy engaging the students in sharing their talents with those outside the school as well, such as taking them on field trips to sing at nursing homes and other outreach projects.

    I love teaching and sharing what I can with the students. My philosophy of teaching has been the same down through my decades in each classroom. "Students don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." (Borrowed) I do truly care for each and every child that comes my way. I see much potential in each little face and strive to do my best to open the world of Music to them.


    Pamela Beth Walker

    BS in Education

    Vocal Music Education Concentration