School Leadership Information

  • Current BELT/SIT Members


    2019-20 Position/Role

    Johnita Readus               

    Principal – Process Manager

    Ms. Kasandra Farmer

    Vice Principal


    Kristina Biddle

    Curriculum Facilitator - Process Manager

    Stephanie Lemons

    Curriculum Facilitator-Processing Manager

    Harold Chairs

    Instructional Support Rep –

    Magnet Coordinator

    Shaunte Walker

    Recorder- Instructional Personnel Rep

    Nicole Griffin

    Instructional Personnel Rep- Grades 2-3

    Amy Scott

    Instructional Personnel Rep- Grades K-1 

    Jocelyn Bass

    Instructional Personnel Rep- Grades 4-5

     Sherry Stone 



    Personnel Rep-

    Exceptional Children

    Casar Cabezas

    Instructional Support Rep –

    English to Speakers of Other Languages

    Demetris Lawson

    Instructional Support Rep – Classified Rep 

     Melanie McCarthy

    Instructional Support Rep – Social Worker

    Jasmine McClendon 


     Parent Representative

    Charlotte Lesane


    Parent Representative

    Howard Harvey

    SSO Officer 



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