• Which Students Can Come to High Point Central For the IB Diploma Programme?

    An IB student is one who is committed to his or her education and willing to work towards a higher level of learning and thinking. Students wishing to come to HP Central must live in the attendance zones for HP Central, Southwest Guilford, or Andrews High School. Students from Davidson County may apply as well, though enrollment fees apply for these students. Interested students must fill out a short application, submit teacher recommendations and transcripts, and be willing to enroll in and successfully complete the prerequisite courses.

    What is the IB Diploma Programme?

    The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme was created in the 1960s to establish a pre-university credential that would provide international recognition for globally mobile students. It is a rigorous course of study for high school juniors and seniors that provides a liberal arts curriculum from a global perspective. The students are expected to perform on a university level and sit for exams that are developed and assessed on an international standard.

    The Diploma Programme requires students to take courses in six major areas of study.

    All Diploma candidates must also take the Theory of Knowledge course which explores the relationship between the various disciplines and encompasses the development of philosophy, civilization and culture. The Theory of Knowledge course is central to the aims and objectives of the International Baccalaureate Programme.

    All Diploma candidates must prepare and submit an Extended Essay of 4,000 words. The topics for this paper, selected from one of the six course areas, are intended to be specific enough to allow the student to do some serious research, reading, and thinking and general enough to allow students some flexibility in interpretation, analysis and content.

    Why Should a Student Consider the IB Programme?

    The IB Diploma Programme challenges students across the curriculum. The candidates are measured against an international standard. Students become accustomed to managing their time and their assignments, and more cognizant of the world in which they live.

    What Types of Student Can Succeed in the IB Diploma Programme?

    Successful IB Diploma students are those who put academics first. They are self-motivated, organized and disciplined.

    Will an IB Diplomat Candidate Receive College Credit?

    Many students will receive college credit hours based on the scores they earn on their Higher Level exams; however, that is not the purpose of IB. IB Diploma candidates will find that college and university admissions officers are very interested in prospective IB candidates because of their preparation in high school. IB Diploma candidates are the first students accepted at many colleges and universities and are very competitive in being awarded scholarships.

    Additional information on this topic is available on the IB Organization's websites at www.ibo.org under information.

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