• Welcome to Kindergarten!!! 

    My name is Ms Johnson and I will be your child's kindergarten teacher. I am excited to work with your little ones. I received my Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Social Work from North Carolina A&T State University. I have also received my Masters of Arts and Teaching in Elementary Education. I enjoy teaching, and I must admit that Kindergarten is my passion.

    We are excited to have you and your child. As your children enter into Kindergarten they are going to learn a lot of different things.

    In Math, students will learn to count from 1-120, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional shapes, composing shapes, addition, subtraction, decomposing numbers, and word/story problems.

    For CKLA, our learning strands are taught in two parts. The first strand is the Skills Strand which focuses on teaching grammar, letter sounds, and handwriting. In the Listening and Learning strand students will listen to stories from various genres and will focus on learning new vocabulary, asking and answering comprehension questions as it pertains to the story.

    As your child's teacher, you and I are responsible for teaching your child the importance of education. I can appropriately, efficiently, and effectively do my job when the importance of education is being enforced and instilled at home. We are a team, and if we work as a team, we can help your child reach their goals.

    Together we can help your child reach their academic goals this year. I believe that all my students are capable of making tremendous growth in their math skills, sight words, and reading. Together we can do this! I believe that all children should experience a positive learning environment where their individual needs are met, their interests are fed, and their learning styles are enhanced. I believe that through individual as well as group activities, I can encourage my students to grow in their self-esteem, independence, cultural identity, and knowledge of the world and environment around them.


Miss Johnson
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