• HPC Clubs Meeting Virtually

    Anime Club Email Ms. Kamizato at kamizam@gcsnc.com
    Civic Engagement Club Every Other Monday at 3.05 PM
    Email Mr. Floyd at floyds@gcsnc.com
    FCS (Fellowship of Christian Students) 2nd Friday of every month at 3:00
    Email Mrs. Hamlin at hamlint@gcsnc.com or Mrs. Eldridge at eldridc@gcsnc.com
    Interact Club 2nd Tuesday of each month at 12:00 or 3:15
    Email Ms. Eldridge at eldridc@gcsnc.com
    Tabletop Club Thursdays after school
    Email Mr. Holden at holdenm2@gcsnc.com
    SGA (Student Government Association) Every other week, Wednesday mornings
    Email Mrs. Nwabueze or Ms. Ranew at nwabuem@gcsnc.com and ranewk@gcsnc.com
    Varsity Club Email Mr. Cook at cookm2@gcsnc.com
    W.H.E.R.E Email nwabuem@gcsnc.com
    Youth and Government Every other week, (Wednesday at 12 or Thursday at 3:15)
    Email Ms. Ranew at ranewk@gcsnc.com