• 10 Fun Facts About Ms. Richmond

    1. My parents tenth (10th) child and also their favorite is me. Yes, I am the baby:)
    2. I have always wanted to become a teacher since I learned to write. (I'm still in contact with most of my elementary teachers.)
    3. I received my Bachelor's degree from only the country's finest institution in the U.S. Clark Atlanta University. (CAU) Go Panthers!!
    4. Proud mom to two handsome sons who are both currently working towards their Bachelor's degrees. Go Memphis Tigers! Go Broncos!
    5. I have been in N.C. for over 20 years, in which by definition would make me a Carolinian.However, this wonderful creation got it's start and roots in S.Florida.Always will be a Floridian...
    6. I was/am a band geek from middle school through college where I played the clarinet. I support music in schools.
    7. Teaching science  brings so much enjoyment to my day. It's like getting to play with your favorite toy all day.
    8. My day consist of making my students and all that know me laugh out loud (lol), smile, giggle, and just step outside the box for moments in time. Laughter truly is the best medicine.
    9. Helping others is my favorite pastime.
    10. Whether going to see if London Bridges really fell down, discovering the largest satellite dish in Puerto Rico, or walking at an acute angle up the Great Wall of China in Beijing traveling is such an exciting part of my life.
My 5th grade class ( Teacher's pet! Of course I'm next to the teacher)
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