• Welcome to Physical Education!

    Brightwood student’s receive P.E. once a week for 45 minutes. My name is Coach Young, and I have been teaching, for over 20 years. It is our hope, that through our P.E. program, we will help your students to develop PHYSICAL LITERACY.

    What is Physical Literacy?

    If you're wondering what it is, or why it's important - check out the videos below.



    As more research that is done on exercise, sport and Physical Education, the more obvious the importance of each student developing Physical Literacy becomes.  Physical Education is not just important for those students that want to be athletes, but for everyone to develop social, emotional and physical skills that they will need for the rest of their lives.   

    Not only is Physical Education important for health, but it also improves academic performance, emotional well-being and helps students achieve success in life through goal setting, developing perseverance, learning to use team work and improving self-confidence. 

    It is our hope, that our program will help equip your students with the skills and knowledge they will need to lead healthy and active lifestyles. We build our curriculum with a focus on the state and national standards, learning to be a good sport and having FUN.  

    The biggest influence children have about their health is YOU!!  So as parents, please encourage your children by spending time in activity with them, so that you may both experience the benefits of leading and an active lifestyle.  

    I truly appreciate the opportunity to teach your children,


    Coach Young